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Welcome to the official website of Wu De Martial Arts AssociatiOn


In our school we teach Wing Tsun kung-fu, chi-kung, do-in and ground fighting for beginners, advanced students and masters. The complete website is available only in Hungarian - if you have any questions or if you would like to join our classes, please contact the leader of the association (+ 36 20 3315 409), she speaks English.

Sifu Kovács Eszter

Wing Tsun kung-fu and chi-kung instructor

+36 20 331 5409

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Sifu Dr. Kovács Milán

Wing Tsun kung-fu and ground fighting instructor

+36 30 435 4862

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Sifu Kovács Eszter opened her Wing Tsun kung-fu school for children and adults in Szeged in 1999 where she makes it possible for her students to learn both the theoretical and the practical side of Wing Tsun kung-fu from an authentic source. In 2000 she launched her first self-defense class for women, where ladies could learn the technical and tactical elements of self-defense from a female instructor.
Eszter received the first technician grade in 2001 from her Chinese grandmaster, Leung Ting, and in 2012 she became one of the highest-level female practicians of the International Association by receiving the fifth practician level. In Chinese martial arts a person reaching the teacher’s level is called Sifu.

Chi-kung was also part of her trainings, students and masters practiced the slow movements with breathing exercises together. Eszter launched her first independent chi-kung group in 2007 to teach the chi-kung exercises and their related philosophy she had learnt in China.
In 2010 and 2012, Sifu Dr. Kovács Milán accompanied Eszter to China, where they deepened their kung-fu knowledge with the help of Chinese masters. Eszter founded the Wu De Martial Arts Association in 2016, where, in addition to fighting techniques and related theories, wu-de (martial virtues) are also a major part of the curriculum. They teach children and adults the art of Wing Tsun, self-defense, sparring, ground fighting and also chi-kung. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills in seminars and summer camps several times a year and they can show their knowledge during exams.
At the Wu De Martial Arts Association, children can test their knowledge in junior exams and adults in traditional Wu De Wing Tsun exams. The junior exam program is divided into 6 levels, while the Wu De Wing Tsun exam program consists of 12 student grades and 6 master grades. The colours associated with the grades have a symbolic meaning, each level is connected to a virtue, and the students must pay particular attention to achieving and applying this virtue in their everyday lives.
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